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    Corrupted File?


      I was putting slice mockup file for engineers which contains slice names and X&Y.

      When I open the file, it changes shape and size of slices.


      Randomly PNG32 slices will turn into square or rectangular white blocks.

      Thumbnail shows the correct image and if I reopen many times, I'll eventually get the right file open.

      Also, if I work off of a wrong file and save, it contains all the wrong slices and changes the thumbnail.


      I tried to open in different computer, different FW and it behaves the same.

      Also I saved in different location, replaced with new slices, backup the slice with path, changed DPI... etc.

      Non of it worked.


      It seems like slices bordering with canvas are the ones causing problems.


      Anybody had similar experience?

      Is this just corrupted file?

      If so, is there any way to diagnose?

      Any input would be appreciated.


      Thanks in advance.