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    External Links not working from Master

      I have a two-part issue...

      I have a huge help system - 120 projects merged together through one master. I automatically compile the .chm files into one master folder - so master.chm, slave1.chm, slave2.chm, and slave3.chm are all in one folder. In Slave 1, I have external links to topics in Slave 2 and Slave 3.

      When I open slave1.chm, the external links to topics in both slave2.chm and slave3.chm work. When I open master.chm, the external links to slave2.chm work, but the external links to slave3.chm do not work. I've tried recreating the links, thinking I did something wrong . . . but still nothing. I tried remerging the project . . . but still nothing.

      Any help on that one?

      The second issue is with the index. Given all the same criteria as above, if I open slave1.chm, I see a ton of index entries from just that project, just as expected. If I open master.chm, I see the index entries from the other merged projects as expected, but only about 1/5 of the entries from slave1.chm (I can't say whether the other projects have their entire index showing or not).

      Any ideas on why only partial index appears in master.chm?

      Thank You
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          Stephen B. Sealy
          I've been researching similar problems in a large set of projects converted from WinHelp. If you search this forum for "merge," you'll find a lot of information.

          For the first problem you describe, I've found that if I use a text editor to add the referenced CHM files to the slave project's [MERGE FILES] section, the external links work when I launch the slave project's CHM file. Neverthless, as your second question about the partial index implies, there are other considerations for merged projects.

          In my case, I think I'll avoid some of these problems by combining most of the converted projects into a single RoboHelp HTML project. (A lot of the external links in WinHelp were popups, and I haven't found a supportable way of implementing external popup links in CHM files.)