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    new animations that are made responsive within edge no longer working in squarespace

    Potts Level 1

      i have posted numerous edge files to squarespace in the past with no problems. recently though, for whatever reason, animations that have been made responsive in edge no longer work as expected and require some hacky workarounds in order to display properly. when you inspect the code for the page, the .js files and all the css and images are included as per usual, but the animation never starts. when i include some text in the #Stage div the text will appear on the page for a fraction of a second (styled as it should with our web font and size, etc.), then the styles are stripped, then the text will vanish. all of this happens in less than a second.


      this made me think it's some sort of .js or .css file that gets loaded in after the animation that's causing it to not work properly, but i can't figure out what it might be.


      i was just curious if anyone else was having these problems, and might know of a solution. my old edge files that are still on ss are working fine. if i take old edge files and create a new article they still work. it is only newly saved edge files that are made responsive that no longer work correctly. edge animations that don't include responsive aspects work as expected.


      i'm not sure if this is an edge or a squarespace problem, but i figured i'd ask here as well.


      thanks for any help!