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    After Effects CC 2014,0 H264 Media export


      Windows 8.1 (absolutely nothing to do with the problem)

      Quicktime version 7,7,5 (absolutely nothing to do with the problem)

      After Effects CC 2014.0



      Unable to export media with h264 codec of the same quality as in After Effects CS6,

      Media Encoder CC 2014.0 - h264 - worse quality, twice the size of the file

      Quicktime - h264 - much lower quality, much larger - about 6x - unusable


      Thank you for advice on how to make After Effects reusable software.

      Without quality media export this program unusable.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The quality of your export depends on your settings. We don't know what your settings, your workflow, how you are viewing the file, or your expectations for file size. There are presets for YouTube and Vimeo for HD content that work very well. You can increase the data rate to the maximum these video hosting sites recommend. If you want high quality the file size goes up. If you are not getting quality renders then there is operator error somewhere.

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            ekopodebrady Level 1

            Thank you I learned that it is dependent on the setting. After twenty years of working with AE, it is refreshing to me. I recommend you try the settings before you answer and you will see that the original h264 codec, which was removed from After Effects, had at the same file size much higher quality. Full HD 50p has MediaCoder twice the size of a qucktime h264 is unusable. If you say that the same results can edit the settings, please publish here the settings for full HD 50p. (for sure 50 frames per second 1920x1080 px) After the recent modifications indeed degraded to a tool for Youtube, but before that it was a professional tool for video post-production. Please, therefore the publication of setting the same quality as it was before deleting AE h264 codec.

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              OisOis Level 1

              all this, is crazy, we a proffesionnals no ?

              So please adobe just take your consumer like so and don't remove very usefull codec because some people don't know how to use it.


              For other the h264 codec were uberusefull for versionning, reviewing, iterating our work, just directly from after effect.

              You know we can't play an uncompressed media right ?

              and no we don't want sending a queue every 15 minutes to another software...

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                ekopodebrady Level 1

                It's like when I hammered 10 nails and a hammer every time I come back to the garage and then there for another nail to hammer go again

                then it does not work for 10 minutes, but the work of the hour