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    LR 5.5 Export Error, but not a problem in LR 5.4?


      When I export from a Canon CR2 image to jpeg in LR 5.5, when I try to view that jpeg in Canon's DPP Viewer Module, I get a "Decoding Failed" error 100% of the time.


      However, if I export from that same Canon CR2 image to jpeg in LR 5.4, Canon's DPP Viewer opens just fine.


      I went back and checked several images that were exported and all from LR 5.4 work fine; all from LR 5.5 fail with the Decoding Failed error.


      Both the LR 5.5, 5.4 and Canon DPP are 64bit versions.


      This definitely appears to be the result of the 5.5 update.  How can I bring this to the attention of Adobe Development?