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    Export 3d Layer dialogue not working


      I am working on a Mac Pro machine with a Radeon HD 5870 and Photoshop CS6 Extended with "Use Graphics Processor" checked. I am trying to export a 3d object of text that I have extruded but nothing happens when I click on "export 3d layer". Every now and then I can see a box flash for a split second like the dialogue box is trying to come up but it doesn't. I have rendered the file multiple ways and have played with all the different settings in performance preferences but nothing seems to make a difference. Any ideas?



      Donovan Drake


      Mac Pro 2x 2.66 (6 core), 16GB RAM, 1x Radeon HD5870

      Mac OS X 10.9.4, Photoshop CS6 Ext. 13.0.1 x64