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    How can I change the default location ipad/iphone pictures are stored in on my desktop?

    mnarlock Level 1

      So here's my dilemma.  I have lightroom mobile on my ipad and iphone.  Seamlessly, lightroom mobile pushes these images to my desktop and saves them in a folder in windows.  I use an SSD and would prefer not doing read/writes to it that are unnecessary.  What makes the default location problematic is that I can't seem to change it.  Further, when I sync my ipad/iphone to my windows desktop using a cable, I will now have duplicates of images that were synced via lightroom mobile.  So, it would be infinitely simpler, I think, if lightroom mobile would sync ipad/iphone images to a directory I specify, on a supplemental hard drive for instance, and using dates for folder names rather than some default directory on my main drive where they are just dumped.