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    Photoshop CC edits won't reimport into LR?


      Not sure if this is the right from for this question, but here goes


      Im using Photoshop CC 2014 and LR5.5 on a Windows 8 Machine.


      After I edit a image in and saved it in  PS CC which I have sent to the program from LR, the image does not re-import into LR.

      If I use synchronize folder command in LR the dialogue box comes up with the message saying 1 new file to import, but clicking the synchronize button LR returns the

      message no new file to import (the edited file shows up as being present in the folder when I look in Explorer) , the same happens if I use the save as option in PS.


      The only way I can get LR to re-import the image is to re-open the edited image (from PS) re-save as a different filename then synchronize folder in LR.

      Any files that I send to Nik collection will get re-imported as normal.


      Have tried re-installing the latest versions of LR and PS from my CC app, at the same time I made sure both programs created new general preferences files.


      I have no idea as to what to try next.