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    Transferring Elements to my new computer


      I purchased Premiere Elements 12 for windows. It won't run on my computer. Now I have a new computer in the studio that does not go online and want to transfer from my useless laptop to the one that can run the program. My problem is, I have a 6 year old son that somehow managed to lose my disk and not tell me until today. We can't find it anywhere. Is there a way to make this happen without having to buy the program again?

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          All may not be lost. There is a slim hope. Let us see.


          Do you still have the serial number for your purchased Premiere Elements 12 Windows? In spite of the fact that your son lost the installation disc, the serial number is not on the disc - rather on the plastic case that houses the disc. Do you have that plastic container and serial number tab on the container?


          If so, then you are going to download and install the Premiere Elements 12 tryout from the following web site.

          Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 Direct Download Links, Premiere too | ProDesignTools


          To do that, you must read and carry out carefully the "Note: Very Important Instructions" on that web page so that you do not get an Access Denied message when you click on the files in this web site's page. At installation, you insert your purchased serial number into this tryout to make it your permanent working copy. And, you should save the installation files for future use in case of an expected need for uninstall reinstall.


          If the serial number is gone along with the installation disc, then there a slim hope for finding the purchased serial number. If you managed to Sign In when you were working with Premiere Elements 12 on the first computer, it is likely that your Premiere Elements 12 with serial number is at Adobe under "My Products" after you sign in there.


          Lots of possibilities. All hinges on you having a purchased serial number for Premiere Elements 12.


          We will be watching for further developments.



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            ronsonette Level 1

            All I have is the empty box. The CD and it's sleeve are missing. I have

            literally torn up the entire house searching for it. When I installed it, I

            registered it and entered in the numbers. Could it be saved somehow in the



            Also, (here's the biggest hurdle) the studio computer I am installing on is

            not and will not be online. It's at a rural location with no internet

            access. I think I may be screwed on this one.



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              Does your son have any special play spaces inside or outside where you reside? A favorite place for those discs to end up is in the family room in one of the end table compartments or mixed in with toys in a toy box there.


              Go to the Adobe web site http://www.adobe.com. Sign In there with your Adobe ID and password.

              In the Search field at the top right of the home page, type in My Products.

              That should open to a page with an entry for "My Products and Services". Click on that.


              Then give the page that opens enough time to open fully. It should roll out all your registered Adobe products.

              When you see Adobe Premiere Elements  and 12 in the next column, click on the Adobe Premiere Elements to reveal a line under it with

              your serial number.


              Yes or No. Hope the answer is Yes.


              We will be watching for your progress.





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                ronsonette Level 1

                YES!  Got the #!


                As for play places for my son, I found the photoshop disc in his Special

                edition Hellboy 2 box. Hellboy 2 was actually in the Van Helsing box... but

                still no Elements. LOL





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                  Does "YES!  Got the #!" mean that you found the serial number for Premiere Elements 12 at Adobe or elsewhere? Hope so.


                  Then you have it made, using that with the download and install of the program from the web site cited.


                  Sounds like you are close to finding the Premiere Elements disc.


                  But just a reminder...the serial number labels, one for Photoshop Elements 12 and one for Premiere Elements 12 are not on the envelopes that the discs are in. The labels are pasted on the back of the white rectangular box that the envelopes with discs are in. I just doubled checked.



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                    Ahhh... but in my infinite stupidity, I thought it would be good to put

                    them on the sleeve incase the box got lost. I'm just that smart. NOT.


                    In further efforts to remedy my problem with the laptop, I looked up how to

                    optimize my Windows 7 for Elements 12.


                    http://helpx.adobe.com/premiere-elements/kb/optimize-windows-vista-performance-premiere.ht ml


                    It told me to go into the system and double the amount of allowed GB. So I

                    did and restarted the comp. Everything changed... even though all I changed

                    was that, even the visual settings are different now. It looks like 90's



                    Now I pulled up a 4.48 minutes clip and rendered it for smooth editing. It

                    took a little over 6 minutes.  The audio track grew exponentially off time

                    as the video goes on... so I edited it to fit... rendering as I went to

                    make sure I wasn't just getting lag. Unfortunately, after everything was

                    cut and the 2.36 minute clip was exported (once in HD for computer and once

                    for email) both copies were so off it wasn't even salvageable.


                    now I am searching the site again for answers. There's not really much I

                    can do but try to switch to the other computer cause it's quadcore. We run

                    an entire music production studio on it so there should be no problem aside

                    from installation. It's now asking me for an application code in order to



                    When my 6 year old is grown, I am totally gonna teach my grandkids to break

                    his stuff. LOL





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