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    This sux

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      This sux. I really paid a lot for my program but can't find a human to help make it work. Before I bought it, I checked my computer with the stats they gave and it says it should work fine. But it doesn't. When I try to transfer it to a new computer that WILL work, it won't let me and Adobe doesn't give a sh*t. Why should they? They already have my money.

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          This is not Adobe. Just user to user.


          If you are here to ask for troubleshooting help for some version of Premiere Elements on Windows or Mac, you are in a good place. If not, then you are in the wrong place. Complaints about Adobe and requests for money back need to go to Adobe for resolution.


          Do you want to supply details for us to help you? If not, we cannot help you.




          Important Add On...After this reply I saw a second thread on this matter which did have some details.

          Transferring Elements to my new computer

          I will try to work with you in that other thread to see what we can resolve.

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            I asked. I have been asking. No one replies to the asking. Thank you for

            responding to the complaining.


            First off, before I purchased the software, I checked to make sure my

            computer was compatible with the needs of the program. I have an HP Laptop

            AMD A4-3300M APU with Radeon (tm) HD Graphics. 6G RAM - Dual Core blah

            blah... the program won't run. I turn off EVERYTHING that isn't needed to

            run it and it can't even make a silent slide show with 30 slides in it

            without taking 5.75 hours to process. Rendering is a joke.


            How do I fix it?


            I bought a new computer, but now can't find the installation disk and can't

            get a response or find a way to speak with a human about how to transfer

            without the disk.


            It's more than frustrating.


            Thanks for any response or help you can give. Sorry for the rant but I am

            just at wits end and out of money with a deadline approaching and two

            computers and programs I can't use.





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              I have replied to your other thread which at the time had more details than this thread.


              As I have written, there are some slim opportunities that you can find your way out of this situation.

              It all revolves around you having the purchased serial number. But, read your other thread for that.


              After we get that matter finalized one way or another, do you want to troubleshoot Premiere Elements 12

              on the first computer. It makes a big difference in the troubleshooting between it does not work (cannot open a project old or new) versus the description

              that you give above where you apparently were about to start a new project. The considerations in your case for Premiere Elements 12 on the first and second computer may end up being the same, and we will need to go through the typical drills

              a. What project preset?

              b. What are the properties of the source media?

              c. What was the nature of the edits?

              d. What was the export and its setting - default or customized - details of what took 5.75 hours.

              As well as

              e. QuickTime installed on your computer?

              f. Running program from User Account with Administrative Privileges and having Run As Administrator applied?

              g. Determining whether problems are there with or without the antivirus disabled?

              And Also...

              h. What computer operating system - Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 64 bit?

              Is the video card/graphics card up to date according to the web site of the manufacturer of the card or HP?


              Lots to navigate through, but hopeful (and often) an resolution at the end of it..





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                I'm running windows 7 on the laptop, the project is a 1 hour short film.

                The longest cut is 9 min 47 seconds. Shot in mpeg4.


                It takes premiere about 2.5-3 minutes to even open. Last night I tried to

                pull up and render a 5 min 24 clip. It took 1 hour 26 minutes to render for

                "smooth replay" in editing mode. It still chokes, gags, freezes... the

                audio and video don't match even though they are recorded together. It's

                impossible to cut anything correctly because you can't tell where the video

                is in relation to the audio.


                I learned on Vegas 4. For some reason that program on an old 1998 gateway

                dinosaur with barely 512mb ram was smoother and rendered faster. I just

                don't get it. Something must be wrong. If I could get premiere to work on

                the laptop, I wouldn't need to transfer. I specifically bought this laptop

                for that program. It's beyond frustrating.



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                  What is Window 7, 32 bit or 64 bit?



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