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    after installing LR5, which LR4 folders,catalogs etc can I delete?

    mikesch48 Level 1

      Have I screwed up here? I stopped using LR4 last summer and forgot how I set it up.  I'd like to delete/uninstall whatever I can and/or rename if necessary.  I have an iMac running Mavericks.  I have 2 primary folders in question (folders and subfolders in Bold):

      Folder #1--"Mike's LR4 Catalog and Previews"





                LR 4 catalog.lrcat

                LR 4 catalog previws.lrdata

                LR 5 catalog.lrcat

                LR 5 previews.lrdata

                Lightroom settings


      Folder #2 "Pictures"

           Aperture library.aplibrary

           iPhoto library.photolibrary


               LR 4 catalog backups


                          Lightroom 4 catalog.lrat

           Mike's LR photos (this is where all the raw files are located)


      thanks for any help, Mike