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    Could not initialize class coldfusion.security.ESAPIUtils


      Hello -


      I'm receiving the following error:


      "Error","ajp-bio-8014-exec-4","04/16/14","02:03:05","cfadmin","Could not initialize class coldfusion.security.ESAPIUtils The specific sequence of files included or processed is: C:\ColdFusion10\cfusion3\wwwroot\CFIDE\administrator\topnav.cfm, line: 248 "


      from one of the Coldfusion Administrator consoles on a production server that also affects a site hosted on the same jvm.  I've researched this error and found data pertaining to CF8 and CF9, but not to CF10.  Is there a fix that is available I've overlooked?


      The server build details are as follows:


      Server ProductColdFusion
      Tomcat Version7.0.23.0
      Serial NumbermySN
      Operating SystemWindows Server 2008 R2 
      OS Version6.1 
      Update Level/C:/ColdFusion10/cfusion3/lib/updates/chf10000012.jar 
      Adobe Driver Version4.1 (Build 0001) 



      Thank you.