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    How do you pass "struct" in an AJAX call URL? (CF11)

    ac iLiv Level 1

      Quote from CF11 documentation: "Note that "struct" is also available to be accessible through an AJAX argument. Now you can pass struct  in an AJAX URL to serialize a query object as struct."

      How? An example URL would be handy.

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          BKBK Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          "To serialize a query object as struct" overstates the case. You can serialize a struct, as well as a query, for sending by means of URL.


          For example, create the following 2 CFM pages in the same directory.



          <cfdump var="#url#">



          <cfset myStruct = structnew()>

          <cfset myStruct.myFirstKey = "uno">

          <cfset myStruct.mySecondKey = 2>


          <cfset myStructSerialized = serializeJSON(myStruct)>


          <!--- Uses built-in cfdocexamples datasource --->

          <cfquery name = "getBiololgyCourses" dataSource = "cfdocexamples">

              SELECT Course_ID, Dept_ID, CorNumber,

              CorName, CorLevel

              FROM CourseList

              WHERE Dept_ID = 'BIOL'

              ORDER by CorNumber asc



          <cfset biologyCoursesSerialized = serializeJSON(getBiololgyCourses)>


          <cflocation url="testpage1.cfm?myVar=#myStructSerialized#&biologyCourses=#biologyCoursesSerialized#">