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    error message




      Recently bought Lightroom 5 on a disc. i have been able to install it however,  When it opens i get the following message  - An error occurred when attempting to change modules -


      I have asked for help via the U.S. where a staff member told me - Masher please use the uninstaller located in the Applications/Utilities/Adobe Installers folder.  Once Photoshop Lightroom is removed then please download Lightroom 5.5 from Adobe - Lightroom : For Macintosh : Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5.5 and reinstall -


      I have done this but there is no change.  i replied to the guy saying it did not work but have not heard anything.


      Please Help.  This has now been a product i have bought almost two weeks ago and does not work


      I am using an Apple Mac

      OS X (10.7.5)