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    FLV Play and pause

    Chris McLaughlin Level 1
      I have a FLV playback component on the stage with an instance name of my_FLVplybk. I am trying to pause and play the video using buttons on the parent timeline, "19mc" which is embedded in the main timeline. The pause button (for example) targets the main and embeded timeline.

      However, when I check the script it reports the FLV playback code as an error.

      I'm not sure what I'm missing, but hopefully someone out there can show me the error of my ways...



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          Chris McLaughlin Level 1
          So, I got this to work but I'm not sure what mad ethe difference. I started with a blank clip with nothing other than the FLV component and a "pause" button.

          When this worked, I went back to my file; stripped everyhting out, and rebuilt.

          Instead of the variable that I was using, I checked the the FLV was playing by checking the clip state. I then paused the FLV using: my_FLVplybk.pause(); and then added the code to stop the parent timeline(s). Finally, I set my variable (even though it isn't referenced in this mc).

          Again, I'm not sure why it worked.