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    VBox Mouseout Issue

    JayStang Level 1
      Hey Guys, I could really use some help with this one.

      I have a VBox which contains an image and a couple buttons. From the start the buttons have a visiblity set to false. On the mouseover of the vbox i set the visibility of the buttons to true so they can be clicked on. On the mouseout of the vbox i then hide the buttons again. The problem is when i hover over either the image or the buttons (inside the vbox) it causes the mouseout of the vbox to trigger which will then essentially hide the buttons making them unclickable. I've tired everything i could possibly think of. Made everything just a huge image and had the buttons float on top of it and put both event listeners on the image. Still nothing. Linked below is a small diagram of the layout if that helps any. Any help would be GREATLY appreachated.