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    Why is it so impossible to cancel a Creative Cloud Subscription??????


      After trying for 2 hours of going through endless loops of supposed "Cancel my Subscription" phony links that ADOBE leads you through, there is no way to cancel the Cloud Subscription except to call your credit card company and De-Authorize the endless stranglehold of Life sucking monthly charges ADOBE continues to charge my card for - Is this how ADOBE choses to do business???


      I'm Done, Let me out of here!

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          Yes I know what you're talking about... phone conversation is the only way. I had a year agreement and found out that they continued to charge me thereafter the year. After going round and round in circles on the website I miraculously found a contact no. to call. Phone conversation is the only way to communicate, particularly with reference to charges.  I then spoke with a representative who said that Adobe automatically signs me up for a further year after the year expires, and therefore I would have to pay a cancellation fee. I was not impressed, especially not being provided with warning that the subscription was due to end. I think it is just manners to incorporate a system for which asks you first with a notification in advanced rather than automatic. So my recommendation is if you are looking to sign up on a specific period to ensure that you know whether or not they are going to auto charge you for another period of time thereafter. I have to say they need better communication details on their website!