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    How to put and burn two diaporama WITH DIFFÉRENT SOUND TRACK on one D,V,D


      I HAD A BIG PROBLEM! I HAVE MADE TWO chapters DIAPORAMA OF a band realated the history of the band. and i want to put them one one DVD .tHEY HAVE DIFÉRENT SOUND TRACK.

      My problem, is when i burn the Dvd only one show ? I use 1 video line and sound track and the second chapter on the video 2 and soundtrack 2 .It d'int make a différence .What did i do WRONG ?

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          What version of Premiere Elements are you using and on what computer operating system is it running?


          Lots of possibilities.


          What do you mean "My problem, is when I burn the DVD only One Show"? Are you saying that instead of having two separate slideshows in DVD-VIDEO, you

          have the two running together as one slideshow?


          What menu markers (Chapter markers) are using - scene markers? Are there stop markers?

          How are your menu menu and scene menu set up?


          One scenario


          Timeline content set up....

          Slideshow 1 with a scene marker at its beginning and a stop marker at its end

          a few seconds gap

          Slideshow 2 with a scene marker at its beginning and NO STOP MARKER AT ITS END.

          (I put that in capital letters because putting a stop marker at the end of the last item of the Timeline 99.99999% of the time creates project failure.)



          With this setup, the viewer is greeted by the main menu and selects from Play Movie or Scene Selection.

          a. If Scene Selection is selected, the viewer is taken to the Scene Selection page where he/she picks a slideshow to watch.

          Important: If the viewer pick Slideshow 1, Slideshow 1 is played and then it reverts back to the main menu.

          b. In this type of scenario, the Play All Button on the main menu becomes meaningless, since selecting it will play only up to the

          stop marker ( end of Slideshow 1) and then revert back to the main menu.


          Alternately, you could create a main menu with the Slideshow 1 or Slideshow 1 choice (use main menu markers) and do away with the

          scene menu. That sounds abstract as written but I can give you how to on that and give you examples.


          First let us see if anything that I have written above has anything to do with what you really asked.


          Thanks. Clarification always available.