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      How do I change text direction when formatting in Hebrew in CS6?

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          edwsheehan Level 1

          I already chose World-Ready Paragraph Composer, but the formatting is still off.

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            Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

            I gave exactly the same answer some minutes ago for Japanes, but it is valid for Hebrew too:


            If you are a Creative Cloud subscriber you can change in the Creative Cloud Application > Preferences the application install language to any other available. There exits also an English with Hebrew support.

            1. Leave your US version installed as it is.
            2. Open preferences in the CC.app and change the app language to English with Hebrew Support
            3. Install the Hebrew version
            4. Switch back the CC.app to US English (or any other language you are working on).
            5. Launch InDesign

            Now will InDesign have installed additionally plugins for ME Language Support and you will see a different New Document dialog and a lot of other menus and tools supporting ME documents.


            If you are not a CC subscriber you might have to buy some world plugins like Custom Plugins, Scripts and Solutions for Adobe InDesign | in-tools.com or to buy a separate ME version of InDesign to get Hebrew Support.