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    Silly question but can not find an answer online ..


      Hi have been watching the photoshop adobe tutorials which are fantastic however I have a frustrating problem which I can not seem to find a fix. Ive taken a screen shot to show what I mean ...

      When viewing the video ,  I hit the expand screen button it jumps to full screen and unfortunately the play/pause/stop bar hides some of the tutorial video. The bar does disappear sometimes but if I pause the video or move the mouse it appears again obscuring the information .

      I can not resize the video by dragging like one normally would  I have looked at safari preferences its an iMac and also tried the command  minus but this does not work either so the current options are either a very small screen which is hard to read or a full screen with bottom part obscured .


      Apologies in advance if there is a obvious answer which I suspect there is but Ive spent ages trying to find the solution .


      Thanks in advance

      Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 2.25.44 pm.png