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    Random "Lightroom encountered an error when reading from its preview cache" message


      I am getting this error randomly.  When I restart LR everything is fine, until I get this error again.  This problem has recently started occurring frequently when I exit LR during the backup.  Sometimes it occurs when LR is just sitting there and I ma not interacting with it.  I have not seen a pattern as to when I get the error.


      My system drive is a SSD with the LR catalog and preview cache are on another SSD used exclusively for LR.  My main data drive is RAID 0 with images and catalog backup to a NAS.  I'm running LR 5.5 64-bit on Windows 7.


      I've tried deleting and rebuilding the cache which takes a while at I have 42,000 images consuming almost 6 Tb but this does not seem to have any effect.


      While this is not a show stopped, it is annoying as every time the problem occurs I need to exit LR and restart.


      Any help will be appreciated.