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    UI Components

    IreDevil Level 1
      I have noticed the UI components in my flash MX 2004 and would like to use the ComboBox for a quiz.
      I want the user to be able to select the question from 2 combo and upon clicking a button, it will lead the user to that question the user has selected.

      Eg. Term 1 Exercise 10 (Term is a combo and Exercise is another combo for user to choose)

      But i do not understand what does the 'data', 'editable', 'labels' and 'rowCount' in the component parameters tab.
      How do i use the combo boxes to allow user to choose the question he/she wants to attempt?

      Sorry for the trouble.

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          MurMeeKeer Level 1
          In your application, create one dynamic text field and set its var property in the property inspector as 'quesStr'. Put two radio button components and name them as 'r1_btn' and 'r2_btn'. Put two combo boxes and name them as 'cbTerm' and 'cbExercise'. Finally, place a button instance and name it as 'disp_btn'.

          The label property of the combo box indicates the list when you pull it down. (if you set the editable property to true, then you can edit the text area and the rowcount property provides you to display the number of items when you pull down. data property is associated with the database)

          In the label property, enter "1" and "2" for the cbTerm combobox and "9" and "10" for the cbExercise combobox.

          Now, attach the code.

          Make sense?
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            IreDevil Level 1
            No, that is not what i mean.
            I am creating a maths quiz, there are Term 1 to Term4 and in each terms there are 20 Exercises to choose from.
            Each exercises are in a separate swf file.

            So what i want to do is when the student select '2' from the Term combo and select '18' from the Exercise combo and submit, it will lead the student to the Term 2 Exercise 18 swf file.

            How do i do this?
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              MurMeeKeer Level 1
              try this.

              var loadEx="Assessment_"+cbTerm.selectedItem.label+"_"+cbExercise.selectedItem.label+".swf"