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    I'm getting disk-nearly-full messages though I have ample space

    DBarman Level 1

      I have an SSD boot drive (C:) that has 73GB free out of 232GB, and a 4TB data drive (D:) that has 2TB free. Yet for some weeks now I get frequent error messages that I'm running low on disk space and that I should empty my recycle bin (which I did). It often happens after LR has been open for a little bit of time, maybe 10 minutes, even if I'm not actively working in LR. Closing LR and reopening gives me a reprieve for a while.


      What am I likely doing wrong? I've been a LR user since almost the beginning and have never seen these issues. I do have a large catalog (.99 GB) but LR is optimized for large catalogs, so I hope this isn't a problem. I would prefer not to segment my catalog as I like to search across my images. I am running LR 5.5 on Win 7 64-bit Professional. Thanks!