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    "Edit with Photoshop" problem...

    SausalitoDog Level 2

      I can no longer effect the "Edit with Photshop CC (2014) command on my laptop. When I click to Edit with PS, it does launch PS but nothing happens. I does NOT launch the dialog box that gives you the choice to edit a copy with LR corrections etc. All other plugins work fine (NIK, OnOne etc).


      The operation works fine on my desktop and I can't find any setting that is different on one from the other.


      Running Mavericks on MBP retina and iMac with all updates. Running Photographer subscription on both machines. My Catalog is in dropbox but I have all the image files on an external drive that I have each hooked up to. It is not a sync problem - there are no conflicting catalogs etc from the dropbox arrangement.


      If I had to guess, I have some sort of feeling that this is an ACR issue...in fact, it must be. as I wrote that, I decided to try editing a jpg file in PS and that worked fine.


      But I do have the problem with both .RAF and .NEF files...


      I guess I could try a manual install of the latest version of ACR but would like to know if that can be done manually with the new Adobe subscription system?


      any tips welcome.