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    Two creative cloud questions


      Hi people,


      I have a couple of things to ask about Adobe CC that I can't seem to find the answers to.


      First problem:


      I subscribed to CC a year ago for our four creative guys, no problems at all. When the renewal date came up I decided to switch from our reseller to buying a team subscription from Adobe directly as it was cheaper. I found it a bit silly I had to tear down the old team completely and recreate from scratch as apparently you can't just change the person you subscribed from. I set all this up and re-logged in on all client computers and now every so often I get this error which is quite annoying considering I am legally paying for the sub!



      I've contacted the help phoneline on this before and I was required to rename a binary DB file in %APPDATA% somewhere and then have CC recreate it. This got rid of the issue... for a few days at most.


      It's infuriating seeing this all the time when I do I have a valid membership.


      Second problem:


      They're getting this a lot too when double clicking an illustrator file and opening it by association, shrinking illustrator window and then this error message. All fixes I've tried do not work.




      Does anyone have fixes for these two or any suggestions?