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    Is there a final video size limit or restriction when rendering a composition?


      Im a self thought After effect user, so I might not know the exact terms that I need to use for my question. I need to create a video thats is in its final size 1080x3840 px. This is being used in a two screen setup and being played by a single player that splits this on video into the two screens without having to create two separate videos. I can create the composition size to the pixels needed but when I render the video it automatically refers the video to 1080x1920 px which is the size of only one screen. When this render happens the top and bottom of the video get cut off. I have create the final video to 3840x1080 px but this is not what works for the set up. Does After Effects have a height limit when it comes to the final output of the composition? If it does, can it be unlocked so i can create the final 1080x3840 px?  Do I need to use an other program to accomplish this, anything would help. The codec I'm using is H.264 at a 10 Mbps. Thank you