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    Setting up the Call to webhelp

      Guess I'm just Robo-challenged, because after reading many sources, including Peter Grainge's site (and those he recommends) and the help that comes with Robohelp itself, I still don't exactly understand how to tell my developers to set up the MapID call for context-sensitive webhelp. If anyone here can help clear up my "befuddlement," I'd be very much obliged.

      I've never worked with map IDs before, but the concept seems simple enough, and I figure our developers in India will understand the mapfile I send them.

      However, in looking at example calls, I'm unclear about the a couple of things:

      1. What is the difference between these two calls? Are they just two ways of stating the same call?

      RoboHelp_CSH.RH_ShowHelp(0, "helppath/startpage.htm>Mainwindow", RoboHelp_csh.HH_HELP_CONTEXT, 0)

      javascript:RH_ShowHelp(0, "helppath/startpage.htm>Mainwindow", HH_HELP_CONTEXT, 10)

      2. Also, I don't understand what the "window" part (above, "Mainwindow") refers to. I've seen it used in several webhelp call examples, but the examples so far don't seem to explain where the window comes from, who creates it, how it's used, etc.

      Thanks very much for clarifying.