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    widgets jquery



      I would like to use jquery library to make my content dynamic (drop/down section, enlarge image, caroussel...), How can I do that ?

      should i use Insert/Html/advance/Script ?... can't I create a "widget" and reuse it easily at any time or will i have to insert manualy a script every time ?

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          Willam van Weelden Level 5

          The best way to do this depends on the output you're creating.

          - If you are using WebHelp/Multiscreen HTML5/CHM/AIR: try adding the reference to the script file in a master page header or footer. That way you only have to add the library once.

          - If you are using Responsive HTML5: these layouts already include jQuery and the Theme1_standard theme also includes jQueryUI. In this case, add all the code in the layout so you have it only in your output.


          After you've done this, just add the HTML and JS required for the widgets in your topics. Though the preview won't work, if you generate your output, it will work just fine.


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