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    Adobe InDesign CC2014 Crashes Every Time I Print


      My InDesign CC2014 crashes every single time I print. I'm printing with a variety of printers from a Xerox 560 with Fiery to an HP Deskjet 5500PS plotter.


      No matter what I print or from which printer, there's a 2 second or so delay and InDesign crashes. The files go through to the printer just fine, but having to reboot InDesign multiple times in a matter of minutes is really annoying. It also does it as I try to save a file. Also frustrating.


      I've checked my preferences folder as I've seen recommended on other threads, that didn't work. I've reinstalled the printer drivers, that didn't work. I've tried printing different files to different printers, that didn't work. Anyone else have any ideas?


      I've noticed this seems to be a common problem for CC14, but not CC13. It's not just my computer either, it's all of the designers here in the office. We all try to print any of our files and our InDesigns crash.


      Please help!! Thanks!