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    Major issue with importing in Lightroom

    SamRenn13 Level 1

      I'm having a major issue with importing in Lightroom. I have a (new, bought this spring) iMac and Lightroom 5, and over the course of the past month, the import function has been screwing up. I saved the import settings as a preset, but on June 28th imported images, not realizing that the import settings had changed from my preset to "Add" and have lost over 1,000 images from that import. Since then, images in the lightroom previews have started popping up with the little exclamation point, saying their original files can't be found - but the files have NOT been moved or changed, and are still in the same place that they were imported to (and imported using Lightroom). Now Lightroom won't import images from either a card or from a file on the hard drive. The card is a brand new card and so is the card reader. The card is not corrupt and all files import perfectly fine using another program. Any thoughts on how to fix this?