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    InDesign Dialog


      How can I add Button in a Dialog ?


      I'm using actionscript to do that:


      var myDialog:Dialog = app.dialogs.add({name: "Export"});


      var myMainColumn:DialogColumn = myDialog.dialogColumns.add().dialogRows.add().dialogColumns.add();

      var myRow1:DialogRow = myMainColumn.dialogRows.add();

      var myRow2:DialogRow = myMainColumn.dialogRows.add();


      var pages:BorderPanel = myRow1.dialogColumns.add().borderPanels.add();


           staticLabel: "Pages Range:"


      var pagesRange:TextEditbox = pages.dialogColumns.add().textEditboxes.add({

           editContents: "1"



      Another question is for do a BorderPanel with a Label, like:

      enablingGroups.add({staticLabel:"Pages:", checkedState:true})


      Many Thanks!!