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    Not able to import canon raw CR2 photos direct from a camera into Lightroom 5.5


      I’ve just purchased Lightroom 5 and updated it with the latest version 5.5, and I am running windows 7.  Everything appears to be working fine, however I am not able to import Canon CR2 raw files directly from my camera.  Importing JPEG files directly from camera works fine, however Lightroom can not find any CR2 raw files? 

      If I copy the raw files through the Canon utility tool on to my hard drive, it appears I am then able to import into my Lightroom catalogue, as Lightroom is then able to see these files on my hard drive.  However why can not Lightroom see these files on my Canon 450D camera and import directly from there in Lightroom?

      Are there any setting or preference I need to change to be able to do this?