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    FMS CPU usage is capped at around 10%

    IGZN Level 2

      Hi there,


      We have a live video chat application running. Uses 2-3 sharedobjects per client, all users (clients) and streams are handled by one single FMS application. 10-15 clients are publishing the streams, the rest is playing.

      So far after 90-100 client connections FMS does not accept any more connections, clients don't even receive a reject or close event.


      FMS CPU looks capped at 10% in FMS admin.

      Total bw is around 70-80Mbit. Logs don't show any errors. Looks like if it's limited or something.


      FMS: 5.0.1 r1076

      Linux CentOS 5.8 64 bit

      Server runs only FMS.


      Did anyone experienced this issue before?

      Is there an easy way to change this? Things seem very tragic at the moment




      ps: scriptengine memory is set to 100MB