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    How to put a bunch of missing photos back into lightroom or re-import them. neither seems to be working

    meganx33 Level 1

      My computer crashed and Apple had to delete everything from my hard drive. I have put lightroom 5 and my catalog back onto my computer, I have the set of photos I was working on before the problem however they are missing and I cannot seem to get everything back onto lightroom or make them show up. I was also trying to just delete the photos from my computer and start from scratch as I still have the photos on the SD cards, however when trying to import the photos they again would not show up in lightroom, and the bar in the upper lefthand corner, which shows you the progress of the import got all the way to end, yet still no photos seemed to have imported, they just do not show up.


      I just want to start from the beginning. I cannot figure out how to get rid of any indication of the photos being on my computer and something seems to be wrong in lightroom when I try and reimport them (and I know it says it will not import duplicates but I unchecked the box so it should have worked)