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    The fpAnchors_o object


      I have an HTML page with named anchors in the form <a name="foo">Bar</a>. Let's say I save this page as html and then open it in MS Word (or copy-paste), and then use the FlashPaper Word add-in to convert to FP.
      Now, in FP, I can use the goToLinkTarget() function to go to the page where the anchor is, because I can see that anchors are being transferred alright. And I've seen that the list of anchors seems to be kept in the fpAnchors_o object.
      The problem is, that I need to know the exact locations of these anchors on every page. Each object in the aforementioned anchors collection, has the following properties (among others):
      Now, the page numbers are correct, but it seems that the top, left, bottom and right numbers are wrong.

      Has anyone else noticed this? Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

      Thanks in advance.