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    Recently my images started to print too dark.


      I am running LR 4.4, on an Epson XP-850, in OS X 10.9.4 and color profile both the monitor and the printer with ColorMunki Photo.  I have re-calibrated three times and each time the prints are WAY too dark.    I get the same problem in PS CS5.1.  If I print from preview, they actually look better.    If I have the Printer manage colors from LR, it looks better.   It's like there's a compatibility issue?  I have the latest driver from Epson, and have custom profiled my paper to my printer to my monitor?!   My printing issues are unique to PS and LR applications which is why I'm starting here.   Does anyone have any ideas?   I've already uninstalled and reinstalled the printer.  I have all the latest firmware and software updates.   Thank you!