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    A paying customer who's fed up with your 'customer service'


      Let me see - I'm paying customer trying to renew a subscription that was a reduced rate (hence why I'm not doing it online) - and sometimes I actually want to speak to a human being for a sales transaction.  I'm also a customer who's purchased your products repeatedly since the early 2000's if not earlier, and have been an enthusiastic supporter of your products.


      That's going to stop now - if I can.


      In brief, here's 2 data points that make me reconsider if I want to have anything to do with your company:


      • 1.5 hours on hold in a queue AFTER I did the 'Adobe calls you back, estimated wait time of 4 mins'.  This is a phone queue - most large companies and organizations have figured out how to make one of these work properly.
      • I call through to direct sales for Creative Suite and get the 'there is no phone support for this product - please go online, we will now disconnect this call'.  You have a phone tree that doesn't allow you to return to the main menu OR speak to a sales rep - in 2014? Really? Is there not a way to cut costs and actually care about your customers? Is shoving all your interactions online the answer? Will your shareholders like the decreased sales that come as a direct result of losing customers due to shoddy customer service practices?


      I'm a loyal paying customer, and will resubscribe because I need it for work, but honestly, I'm fed up.  Not that I think anything will ever change here - we can complain in the forums, file complaints to the BBB (I know, silly me) and a sympathetic customer service rep will try and help us even though the issues are systemic and involve brand loyalty and reputation.  Nothing will change, and I've essentially given up on your brand and products.  There is nothing worse than a company who has betrayed its loyalest customers, but in the end, it's your fault for not understanding the basics of customer service.  It's ironic that you're in the creativity business.  Creativity is about innovating, improving and designing solutions, and creating positive emotion.  I feel sorry for a company that cares so little for its customers and is so out of touch with what matters in business, that you've lost the creative spark that caused me to love your brand in the first place.  I hope you enjoy your arrogance.  We'll continue to use your products, but every time I launch one of them, I'll curse you and hope you fail.