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    How to force a responsive Edge animation to re-evaluate its container size?

    btown33 Level 1

      I have an Edge animation stage embedded in a relatively complex page, inside a container div whose width is set by media queries and which may or may not be faded out by $.fadeOut. I've figured out how to trigger playback, but the stage doesn't seem to be updating its estimate of the container's width regularly. Specifically, the stage will scale itself to its min-width (disappearing if there is no min-width) and get stuck there in a specific case when the container's container has been hidden then shown again. And even when the stage is visible and on screen, if I make the browser thinner then wider, it seems to scale itself down but never back up. These weird problems would both be explained if the stage wasn't consistently re-evaluating how large its container was.


      In that case - is there a way to force the stage to re-evaluate its container size using Javascript? Wasn't able to find anything in the documentation about this.