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    linkable picture button?

    Garland356 Level 1

      Okay, so I don't know what this is called or if it even exists. Hence difficultly finding out anything and coming here.


      So I'm the designer at our business but the bosses like to edit things I create after the fact. I was asked to design cover page for reports but allow it to be edited. I created a interactive .pdf and gave it fillable fields. But the logos are subject to change. Is there a button or something I can place in my .indd that when I export to .pdf will allow a user with Acrobat XI to click a picture and link a new one?


      I'm assuming this is not possible but if someone has some guidance it would be appreciated. Thanks

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          Jeffrey_Smith Most Valuable Participant

          Here is a method, but, it has to be created in Acrobat, not Indesign. Your boss can use either Acrobat or Reader to add logo.


          To create picture button, use Acrobat, create a Button. In Properties of Button > Actions (tab)  > From pull down: Select Action > Run a Javascript, Then select Add. Window appears where you can paste the following javascript:


          Close Button Properties, and Save PDF.


          Then your boss can open PDF. When this button is selected, you can browse and select external logo to be added to PDF. Here are some restrictions: image format needs to be PDF. But most image formats like jpeg can be easily converted to PDF by simply opening in Acrobat. The logo can be sized in Acrobat only, not Reader.

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            Garland356 Level 1

            That's perfect. I can supply the .pdfs as I created all the logos and have the native .ai file.


            Now that it does exactly what I want it to I'm having an issue. I link the .pdf but the button is blank. The logo doesn't show up. I click it again and I can see it is linked and it's not coming from a network but the page itself shows blank. What am I missing?



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              Jeffrey_Smith Most Valuable Participant

              Sorry, I forgot one step. When you have the Button Properties open, select the Options (tab). Under Layout (pulldown) select "Icon Only"

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                Garland356 Level 1

                Great! That's exactly what I need and it works perfectly.


                Thank you for your time.