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    Major problems with using a NAS drive and Lightroom Mobile


      Hi everyone,


      Was wondering if anyone else is suffering from the same issue.


      I am running OSX 10.9.4 on a Macbook Pro.

      I have a Synology DiskStation (NAS) where I store all my photos.

      I'm using Lightroom 5.5 on my internal SSD drive, and this is where my catalogue is.


      Everything was working fine, I imported my images from my NAS, synced with SmugMug, edited. Everything was working fine..... until.


      I then installed Lightroom mobile on my iPad and iPhone. I therefore now have two new collections for my iPad and iPhone photos on my Mac. My wife airdropped me some photos of my daughter. I cropped and rated them on my iPhone. These changes synced with Lightroom, great.


      I then realised I wanted these mobile photos to be stored on my NAS drive. So I selected the photo's in the iPhone collection, moved them to my NAS folder, and BOOM. Lightroom moved the photos, but now it says for every one of them I moved that they are corrupted. "Lightroom has encountered problems reading this photo" - exclamation marks in the top right of each of them.


      If I use preview the images (jpgs) open fine from the NAD+S, I can also open them in pixelmator. However, if I try and open them in Photoshop I get this error, "Could not complete your request because a JPEG marker segment length is too short (the file maybe truncated or incomplete)".


      I've searched the forums and not found anyone with anything similar. I can re-create it every time I move an image from my iPhone collection to the NAS.


      I've chatted with Adobe tech support and there answer is, "We don't support reading or writing images to NAS drives"!!!!!



      Thanks for your time,