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    Text with predefined options




      I'm sure this question is answered somewhere in these forums, but I've searched for quite a bit and can't seem to find the right keywords.


      Every month we write a report to our client that is structured in different sections. Every section may or may not have had deliveries in that month, so at the very end of every section we write one of theses "There were no deliveries this month" or "Deliveries can be found in Appendix A".

      What we usually do is copy and paste the corresponding text to each section, but this is a scrolling nightmare and can potentially cause errors.

      I've been wondering if there is and option in inDesign (scripted or built in) where I can only choose one of a list of predefined options as opposed to writing. Text variables with dropdown options, if you may.


      I'm not familiar with javascript, but tried what this topic (link) is discussing, but couldn't get too far.


      Any ideas?


      Thanks in advance.