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    How can I avoid this message and the crash that follows? -“the program has unexpectedly stopped working and will close”


      I am working on some books that I have had no problem creating in Indesign  and this week, I was doing something and got an error message and had the program crash while I was working on something and lose my unsaved work. It happens all of a sudden and has been frustrating. Thought it was an installation issue, but this also happens on the newest version of CS6.

      The original files (“books”) were created in CS4.


      What I’m doing is copying a template for the appendix that was established in the first book into all subsequent books.


      Here is the process that I used on CS4 for the first 10 books –

      1.       open a file that already has the completed new appendix.

      2.       Open a file that needs the new appendix

      3.       Select the appendix pages from the pages menu in the completed file and “move” them to the new file.

      4.       Voila!


      When I started using CS5 this worked for one book. Now the last book is giving me an error message during step 3. So, I select the pages I want to move and click “move” and then I get a message that says “the program has unexpectedly stopped working and will close”. This is the same message I got with CS6.