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    InDesign to Interactive PDF


      I am working on catalog and running into a few problems..

      When looking at the file from InDesign everything looks and works perfect! Here are my two problems

      1) I make images into buttons so when you click them they are bigger and when clicked again they are smaller.. There are a handful that will not show up above the smaller images they are behind them. But only in the PDF. When  viewing from the SWF preview it all looks and work right. I tried arranging the bigger images to the front and the smaller to the back but they still show up in the PDF wrong... Any suggestions?

      2)From my screen all the images are the right colors and everything looks fine in the pdf but when viewed on desktop the images look different like that have a white layer over them.. Why is that only showing up on the desktop and not from my laptop? And is that possible to fix?

      Thank you in advance for advice!!