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    Interactive Map with popups!

    Ben Whitty

      Hi all.


      I am trying to recreate the below interactive map:


      http://www.unicef.org.au/Discover/What-we-do/Immunisation/cold-chain-ewan-mcgregor-india-n epal.aspx


      I want to know, do you think this was created in flash? or something like dreamweaver.


      The only difference is I won't need my map to be scrollable. So it will just be a one frame static background, with say 5 buttons, which each pull up a piece of information.


      How can I make the buttons pull up the window within the same frame? and also dim the surrounding information as per the example?




      Any help relating to this project is very much appreciated, even if it's only for a certain part!


      Thank you.