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    id authorized too many times

    Loly_j Level 1

      Hi I'm trying to resolve the issue of id authorized too many times... the forums tell me to go to support live chat....I have been to live chat and they can't help me either, refers me back to forum

      This is one of the messages:

      "Alok: Sorry we no longer have any support either on Phone or chat for Any digital edition related issues"

      So if Adobe can't help with the problem and I can't physically do it through my account, how do I resolve the issue?!

      I'm beyond frustrated!!!!

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          lexiemom0517 Level 1

          I'm having the same issue. I had difficulty with a new phone (which ended up having to be sent back) and then had to factory reset my tablet and now I can't authorize it. They can't help me on support, so now I can't read my library books on my tablet any longer, which is ridiculous.