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    amd up to snuff?


      Hey forum,


      looking to the future, I have a question for you hardcore builders out there.


      When i built my rig, thats in part to many of your valuable experience, I learned that an amd system will not run the adobe universe efficiently as an intel platform, due to amd's instruction sets in their chips.


      well amd has a new architecture and some new instruction sets, with the 9590s and 8350s, i know its not brand new as of writing this, but what do you guys know about them? can amd finally run adobe as well as intel?


      i am looking into the future and man amd stuff is cheaaaaaap, if amd can take full advantage of the adobe universe, i would love a build for cheaper.





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          JEShort01 Level 4

          If you really care about running Premiere Pro on a new PC or laptop, you should definitely go with an Intel CPU. I am not a AMD basher and have selected their CPUs for builds in my past, but most serious Premier Pro users have Intel and the Intel CPUS have some special features that are supported by Adobe and really speed up the processing. Thirdly, and possibly most importantly, if you have issues neither Adobe support nor the forum user base will be using AMD processors.


          There is a nice Premiere Pro benchmark site, www.ppbm7.com, and you will find hardly any users at all are using AMD and the ones that are have reported rather dismal results.





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            Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Edited by Bill after seeing Jim's correct response.  Out of 105 submissions so far only two at the very bottom of the list were AMD



            Well I started looking at our PPBM6/7/8 results and out of 105 submitted results I finally found an AMD FX-6300.  Now this is not the CPU you were asking about, but it ranked 94 out of 105 very near the bottom of the list.  Then another AMD CPU turned up at 96th place it was a slightly newer AMD FX-8150.  Sorry with none of those yet tested it is difficult to say yes or no to buying one.  If you want to see the results above you will have to register on the site.


            Since the FX 9590 is an 8 core unit that may help compensate for any lack of missing code instructions but I could not 100% fine any.  If you decide to gamble and experiment, $300 for an 8 core AMD versus over $1100 for an 8-core Intel does indeed sound like an inviting choice.  Please run the PPBM test for all of us to see.


            i just went back and did a side by side comparison to an i7-4930K and my optimism for that AMD is gone.  The AMD does not do hyperthreading so the six-core (12 threads) Intel will blow this eight-core AMD away any day with Adobe Premiere and most other Adobe products.  Stick with a proven winner.  I would guess that this high end chip might even have problems competing with a quad core Intel chip.