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    Does opening your InDesign CC 2014 Hyperlink tab freeze the application?


      I have our company's 36-page catalog originally created in CS6 in December 2013, then opened and save in CC in May 2014 and then opened and saved in CC 2014 last week, that is giving me problems whenever I try and open the "Hyperlinks" tab window from the menu bar.


      The InDesign document is a multi-page document (36 pages) with probably about 66 links linking to our company website and probably about 30 links linking to various pages in the same multi-page document. I have to update some of these links but every time I try and open the "Hyperlinks" tab to review all the links present in the document, the application freezes, the rotating ball shows up and has been rotating for the last 4 hours.


      I decided to work backwards and tried the same steps in CC with the same results with the file in question.


      With CS6, the problem does not occur. I would use the CS6 version of the file but the contents, copy and images are a year old whereas the CC and CC2014 versions are newer.


      Any suggestions?


      Thanks in advance.