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    place a subject in a field of tall grass-composite

    howmanyscreennames Level 1

      I'm new to photoshop. Using CS6 Extended 64bit. Trying to make a composite with a field of tall grass and flowers in the background, and a buffalo standing in the foreground. The buffalo is a seperate photo from the field. I would like to place the buffalo in the field with some of the tall grass in front of him. I thought I was doing pretty good by selecting a portion of the tall grass from the background photo that would be in front of the buffalo and making a copy of it as another layer. Then I made a mask of the buffalo and extracted him from that photo (keeping a little of the grass that was in front of him) and inserting a copy of that extraction as a new layer on the back ground photo. Then I added the copy layer of grass from the background photo over top of that. I needed to refine the edge of the grass to have a jagged edge like the grass. I thought it looked pretty good until I looked closely and saw that there was a faint white line where the top of the grass layer was before I refined the edge. And there was a very thin black line were I think the top of the buffalo photo was. Are there any tutorials that would help me learn how to do this the right way?