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    Timezones and Java Classes

      I'm trying to pro-actively solve the timezone issue of capturing and displaying data in local time for a global audience. I found the timezone.cfc stuff (which looks like it should do a great job), but can't seem to get it to initialize.

      When it makes the call:

      I get:
      13:07:31.031 - java.lang.ClassNotFoundException - in D:\Development\Serebra\TESTtimezone\REMOTEicu4jTZ.cfc : line 60

      I'm initializing things with:
      tz=createObject("component","REMOTEicu4jTZ").init("D:\path\to\jarfile\TESTTimezone\icu4j- 3_6");

      I'm new to calling Java classes as objects, so it's entirely possible I've screwed something up. Anyone have any pointers, or even tips on how to ask the right question?