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    Problems installing Citrix HDX-compatible Flash Plug-in

    SMcLaughlin79 Level 1

      I'm setting up an HP thin client for XenDesktop and I want HDX.  In testing the connection the Citrix client prompted me to install a different version of Flash.  This redirected to this site:



      The 1.0 MB installer from this location, which comes from an Adobe server, does not run correctly on the thin clients.  I've tried multiple thin clients to no avail.  I've tested on standard XP computers and it installs fine, but this is all I get on the thin clients:



      I've tried different command lines to see if I can get it to extract a copy of the full installer but that also did not work.  I've also looked on the Flash redistributables page but it was not listed.


      Is there a command line to get this extracted or a redistributable version available somewhere?  This is a necessity for our XenDesktop deployment.